3D model (shadow) bug - The Sims 4

1 year 1 month ago #1 by Troubleshooting
3D model (shadow) bug - The Sims 4 was created by Troubleshooting
Hello everyone!

Some time ago I downloaded reshade and a few presets for ts4. I found out that most presets had this really weird effect, there was a darker rectangle in which were... Shadows? It's hard to explain and I haven't seen anything like it, it's like every 3D model within the rectangle gets copied, a bit misplaced and colored semi-transparent black.

The rectangle doesn't appear until you enter the game, menu and CAS look perfectly normal. I tried taking screenshots but in-game they showed only the shadows and outside of the game - nothing at all

I thought that it would get fixed with new sims updates but it wasn't the case. What is even stranger is that not all shaders are broken and also some features of a shader (for example, blurr within the corners) are still present

I also have the newest reshade version. Shaders aren't old as well


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