Fullscreen part of menu interface running models

5 months 2 weeks ago #1 by tuffmike
So basically I have this menu (Create a Cutscene) in WWE 2k19 that as you can see the window is really small to show the cutscene (although its generating the models at full resolution) and when I export it or encode it, it goes down to 360p, and that's too low quality for what I want.
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What I want is to focus on the modeled part without losing resolution. I know it's possible because DisplayDepth FX already does this but it does with the color filters and I've tried but I'm unexperienced and couldn't remove them. (Didn't see any code that ressembled focusing in and much trial and error but it always ended up uncompiled)

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As you can see by activating the DisplayDepth in that menu I was before, it focus on the little window because it retrieves the modeled part I have in my window and ignores the interface. Well, I need exactly that but without display depth filter (Regular game color). I've tried manual zooming but again, the quality stays low, it has to be the same thing Display Depth does (Focus on Live Models and ignore interface so I get full resolution and no zooming in needed).

Thanks so much in advance, any help would be lifesaving because I really need this for a project. Thank you and happy holidays!

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