missing MER Features for Reshade+Framework

6 years 11 months ago #1 by Unique BoY
missing MER Features for Reshade+Framework was created by Unique BoY
hi, I ask a lot, but I'm a little new to framework, mer, etc :)
I tried messing around a little bit found almost a perfect preset to use it "Scorpio82co's Rage Preset" It looks perfect on some games, I tried to convert it to reshade+framework "as it's a little bit organized for me and can easily use it I ignored the dof and AO section and edited the framework settings to be like that MER preset, it was bright and looked bad
i went to check found that cool dark is caused by Raymarch HBAO "" Not raymarch AO, it's the HBAO"
so is there's a way to add a raymarch HBAO to my MCFX.cfg in framework? because it would be perfect
another problem.. when I used it on a dark colored game, the bright areas and light sorces had something like a great aura ruining the black areas with it.. how to fix it? and if I want to brighten those black areas what can I do :D

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