Broken lighting in Neptunia Re;birth2

6 years 10 months ago - 6 years 8 months ago #1 by JR44
I apologize if this isn't in the right section. The lighting effects that this game has are broken with the framework pack loaded. Everything is set to 0 on all configs and using the Sweetfx/Reshade pack doesn't cause this. Here's a picture

I've narrowed it down to the mastereffect shaders(or so I think). I downloaded the pack from this link and got the same effects so if there isn't a fix for this at the moment would it be possible to somehow remove the mastereffect shaders from the framework pack without breaking anything?

Edit: Disabling McFX completely from loading fixes the issue but turning anything on bloom related (bloom, godrays etc..) brings back the effect and dims the lighting
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