Resolution scaling.

5 years 11 months ago #1 by brucethemoose
Resolution scaling. was created by brucethemoose
I just read a couple of threads elsewhere about people having problems scaling games. Running at non-native res looks terrible, some games don't run at high resolutions, scalers are dumb and won't do 4:1 pixel mapping, and so on.

Then a thought occurred to me... This is something logical for ReShade to tackle!

How hard would it be to, say, give ReShade the ability to run a 1080p game on a 4k screen with 4:1 pixel mapping?

You could take it even further, and give users the ability to add custom scalers like Lanzcos/Spline for uneven resolutions, or maybe even NNEDI3 for better quality in old games that can't run at high resolutions.

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