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Reshade 3 GUI was created by kretos
Hi, this is my first post here so welcome everybody. I would like to thanks crosire and all shaders' creators - great job. I've decided to create account to write my suggestions about GUI. The GUI is wonderful thing but has some flaws:
1. ordering of the effects - you can drag the effect with mouse but dragging is time consuming, also you have to expand the effects to be able to drag and you can drag only within visible part of the window (cannot drag and scroll at the same time) - try to move something from bottom to top...
2. looking for parameters - you want to change parameters - scroll and look for, or collapse and scroll and look or hit the keyboard and enter the name
Those are time consuming and not user friendly.
3. I have the feeling that GUI changes the order of effects by itself based on the check/uncheck status

So here are my idea:
1. All effects are divided into two lists - "work" area and "other" effects.
2. Checked effect automatically goes to "work" area and is placed at the end of list of effects in this area - the order here is determined by user - you drag between few used elements not 60 shaders.
2. Unchecked elements in "other" are sorted alphabetically below. Because of the sort you always know where to look for an effect. Sometimes you want to play with different effects so you should be able to check and un-check different shaders without the need to look for them again. That's why unchecked effects stay in "work" area until manually moved to "other" section, where they are placed in correct order.
3. Double click on effect to automatically move bottom list to effect's parameters (I found post of crosire where it is explained that techniques are at upper window - so maybe double click enters technique's name into search bar?)
4. Only active effects are stored in ini file (like now)
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