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First, I like to say Thank You for such a Marvelous program that does SO much with so little. How do I buy you a BEER? I do not see a DONATE Link?
My notes...

1. Would be NICE to be able to BROWSE to a folder where I STORE all of my .ini files. For instance; C:\Program Files\X-Plane 11\Default Ini\*.*.ini. This is the path I have created because I do not like a bunch of .ini files in my ROOT directory. Seems to work just fine.

2. .ini files would display and then we could SELECT the desired one instead of having to remember the name to be typed in ie; "Sharpness Clear Technicolor Standard + HDR".

3. X-Plane 11 now displays MESSAGE saying X-plane has stopped working when quitting the program. No change if Disable Reshade 3.1 prior to EXIT.

4. My Frames Per Second display using MSI Afterburner alongside Rivatuner and HWInfo has stopped working and displays only a 0. FRAPS works just fine. Disabling Reshade makes no difference. My other Displays such as TEMP, CPU SPEED, etc work just fine.

Thank you and PLEASE send me a LINK to Donate. All the Best!
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