This setup archive is corrupted Please download from again

1 month 2 weeks ago #1 by coyotl
Hello there, hope I don't bother but it seems I have an issue, and perhaps someone here can aid me in this particular predicament.

You see, I was just using Reshade as usual, I finished tweaking some stuff in a game and decided to launch reshade again to apply it to another game but... Alas, an error ocurred. When I clicked the reshade setup .exe a messaged appeared, saying the setup was corrupted and I needed to download it again from the site, so that I did and... To my missfortune the same message appeared again.

I can't seem to undestand what is causing this nor I can fix it, therefore I resorted to come here and ask the community for help, hopefully I'll receive it.

With nothing else to add to this matter, I thank you for taking the time for reading this and... If you happen to lend your assistance to me in solving this matter well, that would be much appreciated by me.

Sincerely: A man who has no idea of what he is doing 90% of the time.

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