Forum Rules

As it is with every place where people meet people, a few simple rules have to be made and followed
There are a few simple rules for everybody to follow to keep this site a friendly place. Users disregarding the following will be banned with or without warning.

  1. No cursing/swearing
  2. Do not insult/attack other users
  3. No marketing/selling
  4. No spaming of threads with same topic
  5. No excessive begging for help, we'll help you, but asking nicely and being polite is more respectful and the preferred way of communication
  6. Credits must be given when posting other peoples creations and you must have permission to do so
  7. No illegal content is allowed in any threads/posts, that includes pirated and leaked content (zero tolerance for this one)
  8. No offtopic content not related to ReShade, post-processing or games in any way

Thank you! Enjoy your stay and have fun with ReShade =)