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Discuss features or the changelog of the latest ReShade version.
22 Topics 1860 Replies
Last Post: 4.1
by seri14
5 hours 50 minutes ago
General discussion about ReShade, post-processing and everything not fitting elsewhere.
706 Topics 7889 Replies
by Virtuous.
10 hours 6 minutes ago
Support for crashes and compatibility issues with ReShade.
2302 Topics 6035 Replies
by Nit3H8wk
8 hours 20 minutes ago
Post and discuss suggestions for ReShade or this website here.
216 Topics 974 Replies
by bluedeath
1 day 18 hours ago
Post and discuss your post-processing shaders for ReShade here!
102 Topics 5209 Replies
by BlueSkyKnight
4 hours 12 minutes ago
General discussion about shaders and the ReShade FX programming language.
392 Topics 1886 Replies
Last Post: toonify
by mickevincent
2 weeks 3 days ago
Support for compile errors and any other issues with shaders.
481 Topics 1438 Replies
by alanrogger007
2 days 4 hours ago
Post your requests or ideas for shaders you think would be great to have here.
285 Topics 1333 Replies
by TreyM
4 hours 45 minutes ago