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Discuss features or the changelog of the latest ReShade version.
16 Topics 1090 Replies
Last Post: 3.0
by Ayudon1
1 day 8 hours ago
General discussion about ReShade, post-processing and everything not fitting elsewhere.
457 Topics 5674 Replies
by kcorj2244
4 hours 53 minutes ago
Support for crashes and compatibility issues with ReShade.
1284 Topics 3992 Replies
by Phoenix
7 hours 54 minutes ago
Post and discuss suggestions for ReShade or this website here.
130 Topics 626 Replies
by luluco250
1 week 8 hours ago
Post and discuss your post-processing shaders for ReShade here!
61 Topics 3430 Replies
by zig11727
12 hours 44 minutes ago
General discussion about shaders and the ReShade FX programming language.
261 Topics 1296 Replies
by Aelius Maximus
8 hours 8 minutes ago
Support for compile errors and any other issues with shaders.
331 Topics 1079 Replies
by FierySwordswoman
2 hours 32 minutes ago
Post your requests or ideas for shaders you think would be great to have here.
184 Topics 947 Replies
by FierySwordswoman
2 days 10 hours ago