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Kaldaien's Fallout Works was created by Martigen
Not sure if anyone else has seen this:
May help performance problems with FO4. It uses an injection method. I don't have FO4 yet, can someone see if this works ok alongside reshade? (may need to re-name reshade to one of its alternatives, like d3d11.dll as this is using dxgi.dll).

Edit: Crosire -- this it the kind of triple-buffering some of us were asking if it was possible to add to reshade at some point. While the above is great for FO4 it appears the author has to tailor the dll for each game. Would be wonderful to have this in reshade for all games :)

Edit2: After talking to Kaldaien he says it's actually a generic injector though at the moment it only works in borderless, full screen support is coming!
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