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0.14 was created by crosire

  • Added "RegisterClass(Ex)" hook to force "CS_OWNDC" window class style flag for OpenGL
  • Added warning on single buffered OpenGL pixel format request (single buffered rendering isn't supported)
  • Added error log message on OpenGL depth framebuffer object creation failure and fixed related crash
  • Added new "pingpong" counter and "random" uniform source annotations
  • Added thread id to log messages
  • Fixed D3D8 rendertarget and depthstencil management, solving all the previous issues
  • Fixed D3D8 to D3D9 vertex shader assembly error when output texture registers weren't fully filled (now zeroes them out)
  • Fixed D3D8 vertex declaration translation failing after "D3DVSD_TOKEN_CONSTMEM"
  • Fixed nothing being drawn under OpenGL if games use "wglSwapLayerBuffers" for presenting
  • Fixed crash on exit when targeted window was already destroyed, but game still tries to render to it
  • Fixed OpenGL renderer producing a black screen if shader does not return a four component vector (transcompiler now fixes that)
  • Fixed OpenGL hook trying to reload and apply shaders when window is minimized
  • Fixed possible OpenGL cleanup errors
  • Fixed hook manager not catching modules loaded through other modules
  • Changed network hooks to properly grab network packets for statistics
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