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26 Nov 2019 21:54 - 27 Nov 2019 18:37
Replied by Rsguest on topic Reshade Key does not work in Wizardry 8

Reshade Key does not work in Wizardry 8

Category: Troubleshooting

Hello again. I achieved a minor success:

I crawled through the repository of older versions and eventually choose "Reshade 1.1.0 with SweetFX 2.0.7z"

I installed it using OpenGL settings, configured Wizardry8 using OpenGL, and also added the /windowed command to the launcher again.

Then I started the game - and this was the first time I saw special effects applied in the game menu and ingame! I also verified it by changing some values in the SweetFX_settings.txt. It only worked with OpenGL however, not with DirectX7 and dgVoodoo.

However I also encountered the same issue as before, which was that I couldn't toggle the effect on and off. The ToggleKey (in this case Scroll_Lock) doesn't react or is not recognized either. The only key recognized was "Print Screen". I noticed however that "Print Screen" makes 2 Screenshots: one with effects and one without. That means that Reshade somehow recognizes this key! I then tried to remap this key to an Effect-ToggleKey, but wasn't successful.
Despite that, the effects work. But only in this combined Reshade-SweetFX version, and only because they are applied right on startup and don't require to be toggled in.

For now this is the only package I know of, that works with Wizardry 8.
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