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  • Swampster
17 Sep 2023 01:17 - 17 Sep 2023 01:55
Hi folks,
I'm hoping somebody can nudge me in the right direction to fix a problem I seem to have when using Reshade with Starfield...
I'm pretty newly back into PC gaming after a 7/ 8 year hiatus with consoles, so apologies if I'm a bit dumb with some of this stuff... 

OK, so basics...
I'm playing Starfield via the XBox app, cheapskate playing via GamePass 
The game works perfectly fine without Reshade installed.

I'm trying to use: Quantum Reshade  (currently ver: 1.65)  
Which is basically a preset, and requires the installation of Reshade (currently using ver: 5.9.2_Addon)

I'm following the instructions provided by the preset author to the letter. however, when launching the game, it initially starts up... the launch windows opens with the title screen and jumps into full screen mode with the start menu. Clicking 'Continue' or choosing a save file to launch opens up the file with a loading screen and right at the point it would fire up the actual gameplay it crashes straight back to desktop.

Oddly, I did have the preset working a few days ago but it stopped working when Bethesda released a patch a day or two ago and I've not had it working since. I've uninstalled Reshade, reinstalled etc... to no success. 

I do have a bunch of other mods installed, and again the game works fine with these mods and without Reshade. If any of these mods are causing a problem with Reshade, then I would imagine it's the first two in the list. Unfortunately, they're not something I'm willing to ditch... at least not until Bethesda is willing to integrate DLSS 3.5 properly.
  • Starfield Frame Generation - Replacing FSR with DLSS-G
  • Upscaling Fix
  • Achievement Enabler
  • 60 FPS - Smooth UI
  • Enhanced Dialogue Interface
  • Enhanced Player Healthbar
  • Enhanced Subtitles
  • EXE 
  • Improved_Transit_signs
  • MissonMenuQOL
  • Scanner Encumbrance Display With Time
  • StarUI Inventory
  • Undelayed Launching
I do have a Reshade log file, if that's any use... though it doesn't say a great deal to me but that's where I refer you back to me being dumb comment I made earlier    
But I have highlighted the 2 warnings... If that helps...

Warning: Spoiler!

*** Apologies, I've tried again and and again to try and stop the forum mangling the formatting....

So if anybody has any ideas? I'm all ears...

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