Kingeric1992's Chromatic Aberration

7 years 3 weeks ago - 7 years 3 weeks ago #1 by matsilagi
Kingeric1992's Chromatic Aberration was created by matsilagi
Fixed from this post:

Tested in ENB

My flickr:

ported version, haven't tested in reshade.
#define CA_Curve     2
#define CA_Scale     0.005
#define CA_BlurScale 0.2

Warning: Spoiler!

As you can see, blur radius is matching to CA scale, around 1/10 CA_Scale looks pretty decent to me.

also CA is distortion alright, light with different wavelength can't focused on same spot == off focus == blur.

It didn't compile before, but i have fixed it and now it does.


This shader is meant to be used Standalone, i may make a Framework version of it soon.
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