Reshade doesn't always launch

4 years 8 months ago #1 by Ozette
Reshade doesn't always launch was created by Ozette
Hi guys! So this issue started with Gw2 Hook, but I have since switched to Reshade to see if I have the same issue, and I do.
Basically, its a coin toss when I launch Gw2 whether or not Reshade will launch. I basically have to continue closing and relaunching GW2 until it decides it wants to launch.

Does anyone have any ideas whats wrong here? I can't find anyone else who is having this issue with either Reshade or GW2 hook.

More info:
Problem persists even when running GW2 as Admin
Tried multiple clean installs of GW2
Multiple installs of Reshade (after clean installs)
Windows 10
I'm launching directly from the Exe, no short cuts.
No other addons or anything.
I thought maybe it might have to do with leaving the launcher idling too long but nah, it happens no matter how fast I log in.

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