Garry's Mod doesn't start with ReShade

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5 years 6 months ago #1 by JoeJoe90 Garry's Mod doesn't start with ReShade was created by JoeJoe90
Hey guys!

I wonder if its possible to use current version of Garry's Mod with ReShade. I couldn't make it work, tried to copy the d3d9 files into bin folder, but if d3d9.dll exists in Garry's Mod bin folder, the game doesn't start. No error messages, no error log, so I'm clueless, how to fix it.

The forum has 1 year+ older posts and I tried those solutions. But most problem came from not having the files in bin folder that I already tried.

Hardware config:
-i5 6402p
-Asus GTX 750
-Windows 10 Home x64

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