New to ReShade. So far it doesn't work on EA games

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4 years 5 months ago #1 by Rawr69 New to ReShade. So far it doesn't work on EA games was created by Rawr69
Hello all.

So i'm new to ReShade. Just installed and applied it to many Steam games all day so far. It works flawlessly on Batman Arkham Origins, Arkham Knight, Ace Combat 7, Transformers WFC, etc.

But for some reason, i'm having bad luck with EA/Origins games atm.. here's my 3 experiences so far...

1. NFS Hot Pursuit is completely unplayable and crashes when launch. I've applied reshade through its exe files, selected DX9, reshade says it works successfully, started the game, and crashes. I deleted the game, reinstalled it, and it still crashes. I even deleted the reshade folder off the game's file and it still doesn't work.

2. Now Battlefield 3 is unplayable. Same story as NFS. This time when it launches, my PC aks me if "do you allow this app to make changes to this pc (BF3 app)?". When I click yes, nothing happens.

3. Battlefield 1... nothing happens. Reshade says it works, started the game, and reshade doesn't even appear. I even checked all the keybindings and nothing happens. Even installed it on bf1's exe files too.

So... I'm out of luck so far on these 3 games (or possibly more in the future). What should I do at this point? Uninstall reshade entirely? I've already uninstall NFS and it's not working again... Also, is it harder to install Reshade on Origin games or something? Or is this all just on my PC?

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