Can't get reshade to work with SWTOR on amd card

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4 weeks 2 days ago #1 by Valas991
i got a problem where I can't get reshade to work with SWTOR on a pc with amd card.

I tried a lot of solutions, dx9, dx10,. run as admin, disable run as admin, disable screen optimisation, nothing.
Game does not even launch with d9.
Also checked the other threads in the forums, to no avail.

The interesting thing is that I can get it to work on another pc using the same settings - that pc has nvidia gpu.
Here is the logfile where I could get it to work!6PYAXSwS!EJ0aHwPJ1a3rcT3n87CKxAi0JfwSht9Aof5ynS3hNUs

And here is the logfile where it doesn't work.!fHQynYzK!C1ixDUkHU8H0bFEwD7DfkzsH1zO6LZ8tGCcxeCOs7mc

It just ends prematurely, and I have no idea why.
Both pcs are win 10 pro if that matters.

Any help is appreciated.

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