HELP! Reshade menu doesn't open within any game!

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3 years 1 month ago - 3 years 1 month ago #1 by TheNickle HELP! Reshade menu doesn't open within any game! was created by TheNickle
Hi all,

I've been having trouble with Reshade for a few months now, which is unfortunate as I really want to use it for some (especially) older games.

Games like Splinter Cell 1, 2 and 3 will all say that Reshade is successfully installed but the menu won't open when I press the 'Home' key. Or its older key bindings. I have also tried rebinding the key as suggested in other threads but with no success.

I also made sure all the prerequisites for Reshade were met before installing it.

I've tried other games besides Splinter Cell but nothing changed. Still says it's successfully installed but won't open.

Keep in mind this is a recently built PC so I might not have everything I need, but I made sure drivers were installed, APIs, et cetera, it should work.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
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