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7 years 1 month ago - 7 years 1 month ago #1 by GunnerNight Reshade Profile Manager was created by GunnerNight

First wanted to say thank you for making this tool. Im new to this stuff so forgive me if this already exists. If im correct in my understanding then Mediator converts any Reshade preset into the necessary files for use on the current framework. Ive been using this preset's program as a sort of profile manager that I can then cycle through in my game, and while I see clear changes to my picture I have no idea if its working properly based on all the effects its supposed to produce.

EDFX GFX utility

This is the tool im using. Essentially all I do is take any preset on the Lazynet and drop it into this programs profile folder and it will autoconvert and install the profile automatically for me using the current Reshade 1.0 Framework. With it im also able to cycle through profiles with definable hotkeys.

Again I have no idea if its actually applying those settings properly but my larger question is since this program only supports Witcher 3 and Elite Dangerous is it possible to expand upon this thing to make it compatible for any game?

Any suggestions on how to proceed?
Does something like this already exist here and im an asshat for wasting everyones time?

edit-- the utility can be used on any game, just have to add the game, just wanted to get feedback on if it works properly just copy/pasting profiles off Lazynet into the profiles folder, or if it isn't using the full set of files in those presets and instead using the ones defined by the program itself.
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