How to get DOF work correctly in latest ReShade?

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8 years 8 months ago - 8 years 8 months ago #1 by me398rush How to get DOF work correctly in latest ReShade? was created by me398rush
Hello everybody! I have a problem with the game ARMA 3. Long been trying to achieve the DOF-effect, as in this preset . Let me explain in a nutshell. The gun in the hands should be slightly blurry (not in focus), everything else is clear. And when you look at the weapon, it should be crisp, but everything else in the background slightly blurry. But, unfortunately, in the new version ReShade (1.0.0 was released on August 10th) so it is impossible to set up. Can somebody help me, especially hope Constantine PC. And i apologize for my English, I used a translator.
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