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TOPIC: Distribution Regulations Discussion

Screenshot Thread 3 years 5 months ago #7

I took the liberty to move this in a separate thread so to not clutter the screenshot thread that much (I hope you don't mind).

The EULA only counts for ReShade itself, which is the ReShade32.dll and ReShade64.dll, nothing more. Those I am the author of and I grant everybody to distribute them as they wish, as long as credits are given.

However, the ReShade Framework needs separate handling because I'm not the author of any of the shader files it comes with. Those were written by CeeJay, Marty McFly, LuciferHawk, Ioxa, JPulowski and others. At least two of them asked to not reupload their work anywhere else. What this means is that one should only upload the .cfg files (the actual preset) to external sites and ask users to head over here to download the rest of the ReShade Framework. Similar to how it's handled for ENB presets, where you have to link to the ENB site for download too.

As said before I'm personally ok with the distribution of the ReShade binaries, but since the shaders are not mine, I have no right to allow that for them too, that's up to their authors.
Cheers, crosire =)
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Screenshot Thread 3 years 5 months ago #8

Just for clarification though there is already explanation given in the original post.

There are plenty of reasons and advantages to keep the core @ReShade.me or since a few days also GIT hub.
The most important one is transparency for the end user. Its in their best interest to get all information and possible files first hand.

Presets do not need to contain 22MB of redundant data from which most only needs to be downloaded once by each user. Redundancy further can cause inconsistencies among presets which the user ultimately has to resolve.

An automatic link back to the ReShade.me website for download has plenty more advantages:
There will be no more problem with credits or false information cause the user is getting the core from the source anyway.
Questions and troubleshooting can be done centralized to be answered by us developers (or helping users) but not necessarily second, or third hand.
The user will aways be aware of the latest releases and changes and can on top of that contribute to updates to the project with his own feedback, ideas and requests.
Many developers trust us to handle their/our code. It is essential to this project and to attract new developers that their work is handled with care and respect.

The ReShade.me website has no advertisements (which no developer would benefit from anyway) and does not require you to register to download the ReShade core, so please do not impute base motives to any of us.

Those regulations have not beend made to tease any of you but to keep and improve the quality and sustainability of this project. Please comply to this little bit of necessity out of respect for everyone's work that has and will be done here. :)
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Screenshot Thread 3 years 5 months ago #9

I was over thinking it last night xD I look dim now.
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