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crosire wrote: The EULA only counts for ReShade itself, which is the ReShade32.dll and ReShade64.dll, nothing more. Those I am the author of and I grant everybody to distribute them as they wish, as long as credits are given.

However, the ReShade Framework needs separate handling because I'm not the author of any of the shader files it comes with. Those were written/ported by CeeJay, Marty McFly, LuciferHawk/Ganossa, Ioxa, JPulowski and others. At least two of them asked to not reupload their work anywhere else. What this means is that one should only upload the .cfg files (the actual preset) to external sites and ask users to head over here to download the rest of the ReShade Framework. Similar to how it's handled for ENB presets, where you have to link to the ENB site for download too.

As said before I'm personally ok with the distribution of the ReShade binaries, but since the shaders are not mine, I have no right to allow that for them too, that's up to their authors.

Dear ReShade Framework Users,

We are happy to see the increase in popularity of this project. :cheer:
Further, with pleasure we are noticing more and more people that want to share their presets or own shader additions to the ReShade Framework.

However, following this development the past few month, we decided to establish a few basic rules which you need to comply with when distributing presets or shader additions::
Your personal distribution may only include
**A - your modified configuration files (.cfg in the \ReShade folder)
**B - your personally implemented shader files

If you want to modify and distribute existing files other than configuration files (.cfg in the \ReShade folder)
**A - Ask the original developer here at ReShade.me for permission to do so
**B - Request the change to be implemented by the original developer here at ReShade.me

The above regulations are of course subject to change.

If you are one of our early birds ;) that already started distributing ReShade Framework files, please also comply to the above rules and update your work accordingly if necessary.

Thank you guys for enjoying our work, we hope this is not too much to ask :lol: (should result in actually less work for you)
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