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5 years 3 weeks ago - 5 years 2 weeks ago #1 by alfski
Hi, this is the closest forum category I could find which has topics for using ReShade with specific games or apps. If there is a better place to put suggestions about ReShade with particular apps please let me know.

Google Earth ReShade instructions

Google Earth allows the user to select Direct X or OpenGL for drawing.
DirectX currently works best with ReShade [0.14.0].
Tools > Options > tick DirectX or OpenGL.

Google Earth is a 32bit (x86) app regardless of whether you are running 64bit Windows.
You may need the msvcp110.dll for x86, I got the x86 installer from here

Copy ReShade into the Google Earth client folder in the sub-folder called alchemy\ogl or alchemy\ogles2\

for Direct X - copy reshade32.dll as d3d9.dll into C:\Program Files(x86)\Google\Earth\client\alchemy\ogles2\

for OpenGL - copy reshade32.dll as opengl32.dll into C:\Program Files(x86)\Google\Earth\client\alchemy\ogl\

Place a ReShade.fx in the ogl or ogles2 folder as well.
MasterEffect.fx has a great set of shaders to start with.

OpenGL won't render ANYTHING (black screen) until all the scene geometry is loaded, this is bad [0.14.0]
DepthBuffer (DirectX and OpenGL) only available after ALL the scene geometry is loaded, this can take many seconds [0.14.0]
DepthBuffer is flipped in DirectX but not OpenGL! [0.14.0]
Colors are mixed up when using OpenGL [0.14.0]

EXAMPLE: screenshot using MasterEffect flipped depthSampler (left), DoF and simple haze effect (middle), default Earth (right).

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5 years 2 weeks ago #2 by
Updating your Nvidia drivers should fix the wrong colors in OpenGL - if you're not using Nvidia please reply back.
The following user(s) said Thank You: alfski

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5 years 2 weeks ago #3 by SiriusHours
kudos on the info, google earth all decked out hhaa :)

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5 years 2 weeks ago - 5 years 2 weeks ago #4 by alfski
Ceejay, yes the Colors in OpenGL are good after updating to Quadro NVIDIA drivers v347.25.
This driver became available 23 Jan 2015.

Now that I've spent time in OpenGL mode with Google Earth, I have found two new things.

GOOD -- The OpenGL DepthMap Sampler is the "right way up", or flipped compared to DirectX.

BAD -- OpenGL ReShade 0.14.0 with MasterEffect.fx black screens until ALL the scene geometry is loaded.
As soon as the geom arrives the scene renders, this seems to happen whether or not the DepthSampler is used in reshade.fx.

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4 years 8 months ago #5 by Cloudbill
Has this ever been looked into any further or remedied? I get the same geometry flashing when using A WoW WotLK client that only uses OpenGL. And it only happens with reshade. You can disable ever single effect and the geometry flashes regardless. If you use the old SweetFX 1.5.1 injector you don't get flashing but you also don't get access to all the great depth-buffer effects either.

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4 years 8 months ago - 4 years 8 months ago #6 by crosire
Just tried myself and I'm unable to reproduce such behaviour with the latest version. Once the scene is loaded, depth shows up and all geometry is rendered as it should ... in both the D3D9 and OpenGL mode.

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4 years 8 months ago #7 by Cloudbill
It's still happening with the World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King client I'm using. It only happens in this particular game. Of course, I don't have anything else that uses OpenGL besides and old Playstation emulator and it works fine. So maybe it just that particular WoW WotLK client. [shrugs]

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4 years 7 months ago - 4 years 7 months ago #8 by whitav8r
Could you please provide the values for DOF that you used for testing GoogleEarth:
#define DOF_METHOD 4 //[1 to 4] 1: Ring DOF(Petka/martinsh) 2: Magic DOF 3: GP65CJ042 DOF 4: Matso DOF
#define DOF_FOCUSPOINT float2(0.5,0.5) //[0.0 to 1.0] Screen coordinates of focus point.
#define DOF_NEARBLURCURVE 999999 //[0.4 to X] Power of blur of closer-than-focus areas.
#define DOF_FARBLURCURVE 0.3 //[0.4 to X] Elementary, my dear Watson: Blur power of areas behind focus plane.
#define DOF_BLURRADIUS 5.0 //[5.0 to 50.0] Blur radius approximately in pixels. Radius, not diameter.
#define DOF_MANUALFOCUS 1 //[0 or 1] Enables manual focus.
#define DOF_MANUALFOCUSDEPTH 0.4 //[0.0 to 1.0] Manual focus depth. 0.0 means camera is focus plane, 1.0 means sky is focus
#define DOF_VIGNETTE 400 //[0 to 1000] Significance of near DoF at edges
#define bMatsoDOFChromaEnable 1 //[0 or 1] Enables Chromatic Abberation.
#define bMatsoDOFBokehEnable 1 //[0 or 1] Enables Bokeh weighting do define bright light spots and increase bokeh shape
#define fMatsoDOFChromaPow 1.4 //[0.2 to 3.0] Amount of chromatic abberation color shifting.
#define fMatsoDOFBokehCurve 8.0 //[0.5 to 20.0] Bokeh curve.
#define fMatsoDOFBokehLight 0.012 //[0.0 to 2.0] Bokeh brightening factor.
#define iMatsoDOFBokehQuality 2 //[1 to 10] Blur quality as control value over tap count.
#define fMatsoDOFBokehAngle 0 //[0 to 360] Rotation angle of bokeh shape.
#define RFX_DisplayDepth 0 //[0 or 1] Display Depth : Enables the possibility to display the depth buffer - You will still need to toogle it on/off with ..
#define RFX_LogDepth 1 //[0 or 1] Needed to retrieve values from logarithmic depth buffer (e.g. in GTA V)

NOTE: I couldn't see how to do the Depth Buffer test (Depth Tech) - I tried F12 and other function keys for the toggle - never saw any change to black or otherwise. It seems I have to move the mouse cursor over to the GE app to get changes to occur as well. I also notice that the DOF effect (manual focus since maybe the DepthBuffer is not accesable) clears up when I move and then settles down to everything blurred.

Please Crosire or other experts, let us know if DOF really works with GoogleEarth in Direct3D (or openGL) - even if we have to be stopped.

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3 years 11 months ago #9 by harry250
Hello alfski

I tried your instructions to get reshade working with google earth
but get a couple errors

for reshade version 2.0104f

as per your install instructions

its says loaded effect succeeded
then using the default reshade.fx from the version 2 reshade rar

it says cant find effect so loading default one

but then using open gl render when zooming in google earth crashes
using d3d render google earth crash straight away with out even zooming in

now using ReShade+Framework+ for GE opengl renderer

move across reshade folder alchemy\ogl

install vdristiutable for msvcp110.dll to be installed somewhere in c:\system 32

move reshade32.dll to alchemy\ogl then name it to opengl32.dll

install mastereffects reborn pack in alchemy\ogl

load google earth
it loads say master effect loaded

but when zooming it only says loading effect and dosnt do any thing ?????

can you help with this



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