Nvidia FXAA flickering between on and off

6 years 8 months ago - 6 years 8 months ago #1 by andrewg94 Nvidia FXAA flickering between on and off was created by andrewg94
gtx 970
i5 4690k
8gb ram
windows 7 ultimate
19" LCD 1280 x 1024 monitor

I apologize if my issues is not related to the software which this forum is based but i desperately need help, i posted on 2 biggest support forums out there and no one was able to help me, maybe here i will have more luck since this forum is in the "niche" my issue is. I can pay for a fix.

When i activate FXAA thru nvidia control panel the game flickers between FXAA on and FXAA off. On dx10 it works fine, also if i disable ingame AA it no longer flickers on dx9, i need ingame AA because it's better than nvidia cpanel AA and i cant use dx10 because it lags badly. When i start the game and move on the map a bit it stabilizes to FXAA on. If i Alt+Tab out of the game, the flicker shows up again. I play Blitzkrieg mod for Company of heroes and to find enough players for a match there it takes time and i need to Alt+Tab to do other things on the pc while the game fills up, it happens on the unmodded version of CoH too so it's not the mod. On my old gtx 550 it worked fine without any flicker.

Here is a short video showing the flicker, as you can see after i move on the map a bit it no longer flickers, it stays FXAA on but if i Alt+Tab it starts to flicker again. Didn't uploaded on youtube because for some reason it reduces quality and the flicker cant be seen anymore. On this website if you experience lag you have to let the video load until the end.


Here is the difference between FXAA on and off, in my opinion FXAA on looks a lot better.

-DX9,4xAA,FXAA off

-DX9,4xAA,FXAA on

It's my favorite game+mod and it hurts me that i cant play it in its full glory :)

This is important for me because FXAA makes the game look 10 times better.

If anyone can help out with this or knows alternative methods on how to get similar results, any ideas greatly appreciated.

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