Need a Game List for 1:1 Comparison Screenshots

6 years 5 months ago #1 by MonarchX
I would like to compare different AA types:
- ReShade FXAA + No Sub-Pixel AA vs. ReShade FXAA + Sub-Pixel AA
- ReShade FXAA/SMAA + In-game FXAA vs. ReShade FXAA/SMAA
- ReShade FXAA/SMAA + NVidia FXAA vs. in-game FXAA/SMAA
- Many more, etc.

I need a list of games where it is possible to isolate a specific frame and make comparison shots. Some of the comparisons require restarting games, which means the game needs to load on the exact frame. Only then can I make proper comparison screenshots. So far I can't find ANY games where I can make it happen. How the hell does NVidia do it in their Game Tweak Guides? They manage to capture an exact 1:1 static frame in most games for which they provide such guides and yet there's an in-game option to pause the game, let alone save it, restart the game, load the SaveGame and see the exact same frame!

Any ideas?

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