Help getting started.

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Help getting started. was created by KingMigi
Hi everyone. Quick history so you know where I'm at.

I was originally trying to use SweetFX configurator to add post-processing AA to a f2p MMO I play called TERA. The games built in AA is garbage (I thank my lucky stars I can disable it), and forcing AA via drivers using Nvidia Inspector is too costly performance wise. After troubleshooting some issues it became abundantly clear that I need to just ditch the out-of-date configurator and work with whatever the newest stuff was, which led me to ReShade.

I also made a post on the SweetFX reddit before deciding this might be a better place to post.

Mainly I'm asking for a point in the right direction on how to get started properly. And also, if you could take a quick look at this guide , how could I use the same AA settings being utilized there with ReShade 2.0?
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