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8 years 2 weeks ago - 8 years 2 weeks ago #1 by derrame Upload Reshade.fx and Reshade64.dll in other sites was created by derrame
hello there

i created a reshade preset for The Witcher 3, the thing is, it doesn't work with the Reshade.fx and Reshade64.dll from the official download page reshade.me, i think the version i used to create this preset several months ago does not exist anymore, and if i upload the preset the other users have to download the Reshade.fx and REshade64.dll from the official page, this preset won't work, the REshade.fx and REshade64.dll are older version that don't exist anymore anywhere (i think)
i itried to make this preset work with all other sewwetFx and REshade and REshade Framworks versions available for download and it doesn't work, si i think the Reshade.fx and Reshade64. dll that i have are the only exisiting version remaining that work with the preset.
so i ask for permission to upload the REshade.fx and Reshade64.dll (d3d11.dll) in the Nexus together with the preset.

i hope you understand

thanks for reading :)
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