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8 years 7 months ago - 8 years 7 months ago #1 by Avitus Rendering Issues - SweetFX + ME + Dark Souls2 was created by Avitus
I first encountered this issue after installing 200 some mods on Skyrim, including enb. Needless to say, I scrapped all of it and haven't played that game since, figuring it was a pile of mangled code my limited expertise was not equipped to untangle. But some similarities between that instance and the problem I'm encountering now have made me even more confused about what's happening. I don't have ENB on Dark souls, and I never used SweetFX for Skyrim. There are no programs or files I used that are the same across these two games, as far as I'm aware.

To explain:

In skyrim, I began a new game after installing a fresh batch of mods, and immediately noticed that parts of the ground had blank texture where there should have been debris, dirt, hay, grass, etc. Just blank, with a sort of glossy look. And rocks/walls/so on also had blank spaces, with the same shiny look, and occasionally, green lines running along mortar paths. I deleted the new mods, no help. I deleted all mods, no help. I uninstalled and reinstalled a completely different copy from a friend. Still, the issue persisted.

Skyrim examples:

And here, the image you see are what I saw when I looked down. My body was invisible and the objects pictured are what I suppose to be a glitched version of the ropes binding my invisible hands.

So, I looked to my graphics card, thinking perhaps it was broken despite being less than a year old. Ran benchmarks, burners, all the usual tests. All passed with flying colors and I had no issues with any other games. So, I shrugged it off and moved on.

Tonight, I installed reshade, ME, SweetFX and Gedosato. I didn't think they'd all work together, but I gave it a shot and it worked perfectly, no issues. I was even able to load my old saves. Reshade shows me clocking in at 64fps with all the bells and whistles enabled. I grabbed the SweetFX settings for ME fix that's here on the forums, as well. Everything was going great and I was just finishing up adjusting all the settings to my liking when I decided to leave tower of flame and see how it looked in other places around Drangleic.

In Majula, I found this:

As you see, just past the little dip beyond and slightly to right of my character, there's a garish lack of rendering.

Interestingly enough, unlike in Skyrim, when I stand on that area, it renders perfectly fine:

So, I headed to a place with rocks to see if there was any similarity there as well - No Man's Wharf:

And here, a little further down, you can really see it pop on the rock wall behind the lantern:

Before I made this post, so as not to waste your time, I reinstalled a clean copy with no mods or shaders and the problem, as with skyrim, persists. Again, let me be clear that I am up to date on drivers and have checked all of the go-to fixes for game issues, such as reinstalling. I got no errors from either the game, the mods I had loaded, reshade or SweetFX. I was clocking in at 64 fps as well. It also might be of note that this bug, error, whatever - occurred sometime while I was adjusting the settings in Sweet.fx in my game folder. I had not closed out of the game once I had installed ME/SweetFx and when I first loaded in Majula, these rendering issues did not exist.

My best guess is that maybe it's a draw distance issue, seeing as at least the grass textures and so forth load when I am close enough to them (ie, right on top of them). As you can see in the pictures, though, the shiny stuff going on with the rocks is present no matter how close I am, so perhaps that's a different issue or I'm wrong about the first one. I was reading about frostbite's engine being unfriendly with many video cards due to an issue it has with draw distance, particularly either extreme distances, or in some cases, negative distances. Unlike that which crashes the game (as it does for me on DA:I), I will again reiterate that I have no errors what so ever, no error logs or crash dumps relating to Dark Souls 2. Which kind of casts aspersions on my best guess. I dunno, I'm stumped. And google has no idea what I'm talking about, partially because I have no idea how to word it because I don't know exactly what the problem is.

Thought maybe you guys could help.
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8 years 6 months ago #2 by Avitus Replied by Avitus on topic Rendering Issues - SweetFX + ME + Dark Souls2
Nobody has even the slightest idea?

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