This is a solution for using Reshade + Afterburner

5 years 10 months ago #1 by amine4ever
Hi Reshade people, i had problems using reshade 3.0.5 + msi afterburner on many games so i was playing games either with reshade or msi afterburner and not both at the same time, but i found an easy solution and i though i would share it on the forum so it may helps users having same issues.
So the solution for using reshade + afterburner at the same time is to run the game + Reshade without afterburner and let them load first, then run Msi afterburner after reshade was loaded. Loading a game with reshade first will grant reshade to use directx librairies without having conflict with afterburner that needs to use the same files.
It's as simple as that so i hope that it will resolve the problem for people having this issue.

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5 years 10 months ago #2 by Sunesha
Sometimes I had success by running some troublesome games as "Run as Administrator". Though can not remember which ones. It is usually my goto solution when games have problems 3rd party stuff.

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5 years 10 months ago - 5 years 10 months ago #3 by JBeckman
The delay functionality of Afterburner can also work although it's more of a compatibility for other overlay software such as Steam. :)
(Or well the delay functionality for Riva Tuner Statistics Server more correctly.)

Open the ProfileTemplates folder and the "Global" file in any text editor and then open "Global" from Profiles.

Under [Hooking] in the template version you should see these:


Copy them to the "Global" for your actual profile and add any additional .dll files if required and Afteruburner/RTSS will (by default, it's adjustable.) wait 15 seconds before loading. :)

I'm using these but it's probably overkill.


(You can skip the SpecialK files of course unless you are using that particular utility, also I never added a OpenGL32.dll as I don't have any OpenGL games installed currently though the idea is to use as few triggers as possible so again full 32 and 64 bit Steam and Origin might be a bit much and the d3d9 and dxgi for ReShade are just there to ensure compatibility to ensure AB/RTSS loads in after ReShade giving both time to initialize.)

(For Steam overlay compatibility it's "InjectionDelayTriggers=igo64.dll,steam_api64.dll" and that's it, used to be the default from how I understood it but Unwinder changed it with the release of AB 4.3.0 and RTSS 6.5.0 though this is all covered in the PDF documentation for RTSS in the Docs folder too.)
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