Presets Folder, possible?

5 years 10 months ago #1 by wolfeng_ Presets Folder, possible? was created by wolfeng_
Is it possible to have all my presets in a single folder? I rather dislike the idea of having to manually copy and paste for every new game.

I already made a copy of dxgi and d3d9.ini to avoid the tutorial for every game, but the only way I can think of to have the file already know my presets locations is to manually add each one to it. Isn't it possible to have the preset path working the same way as the textures and shaders?

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5 years 10 months ago - 5 years 10 months ago #2 by JBeckman Replied by JBeckman on topic Presets Folder, possible?
If ReShade could be made to load via "appinit" or how it's called it could be placed in a single folder and would load for every program you start but that does have it's own set of compatibility problems (Would almost certainly need blacklist rules and probably default blacklists for e.g C:\Windows and so on.) so for now at least you have to set up the paths for shaders and textures but aside from the settings file (And .dll) it is possible to keep presets organized in a single folder, with a bit of work. :)



That's what I'm using, with some tweaks you can fairly easily set it up for multiple presets kept the same folder. :)
(You do need a dxgi.dll / dxgi.ini for each game though or whatever api it uses since ReShade has to be set for every game.)

In fact you can keep the shaders and textures folders and just switch "PresetFiles=C:\Users\Jonas\AppData\Roaming\ReShade\ReShade_Settings.ini" to a different ini name for each game but the downside is that unless you use similar presets across most games you might have to keep most of the shader files in the designated folder for shaders (I use .\shaders\z as a storage to avoid having them all loaded.) and that means ReShade will take some time to initialize as it processes them all, I primarily only use SMAA as a simple global preset and then I modify this game specific settings file depending on well that's mostly the depth buffer if it's inverted, logarithmic, flipped or a combination of those.

EDIT: I'm not sure but it might even be possible to have multiple presets in the ini and then switch between them via the in-game GUI. :)

EDIT: Going back to the application init method GeDoSaTo made use of this with a interesting little method of a "dummy" shim .dll file that loaded first and if the whitelist didn't have the exe name of the software it got injected in it would unload itself without injecting the full GeDo code into the software, even that isn't perfect though and doing it this way either requires signed binaries (Costly far as I know.) or having the user disable at least the secure boot bios option.

But compatibility well even as a novice programmer with little to no real experience and knowledge I can see it being a huge concern and even the current method while simplified via the installer GUI causes problems for people so having some .dll loading into everything without the user being careful and setting up whitelisting/blacklisting well that would be a real mess I'd guess.

Having a large Steam library or whatever does mean you'll need to do some copy/pasting or using that setup tool a bit to update for every new ReShade version released but it makes it easy to manage it on a per-game level instead of globally or how to say and once you've done it a few times it doesn't take that long to copy over the new files. :)

Being able to keep the shader and texture files at a set location along with the shader preset files also helps out a lot as you now only need the .dll files to be copied over to the game folders.

Optionally with a ready made ReShade settings file for skipping the notification on tutorials and such, copy the two over and name them opengl32.dll / opengl32.ini, d3d9.dll / d3d9.ini, d3d11.dll / d3d11.ini or dxgi.dll /dxgi.ini depending on the api the game is primarily using and it's pretty much set. :)
(ReShade.ini might work as a default too but it could have been changed since well I think somewhere with the 3.0 beta actually.)
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