Some DXHR DC benchmarks

5 years 1 month ago - 5 years 1 month ago #1 by lowenz Some DXHR DC benchmarks was created by lowenz
DXHR (DC version) is the kind of game that really can have a graphical refinement/tuning from tools like ReShade.
Thanks to the beta 19 version of Afterburner+RTSS (4.4.0) with the newly integrated benchmark function, here's some numbers from the "Sarif Lab Intro" sequence.

*No ReShade:

29-10-2017, 22:41:37 DXHRDC.exe benchmark completed, 74774 frames rendered in 340.250 s
Average framerate : 219.7 FPS
Minimum framerate : 65.5 FPS
Maximum framerate : 1188.3 FPS

*ReShade 3.0.8 + lastest shaders package (Deband+LumaSharpen+FXAA):

29-10-2017, 22:32:01 DXHRDC.exe benchmark completed, 52377 frames rendered in 340.390 s
Average framerate : 153.8 FPS
Minimum framerate : 38.8 FPS
Maximum framerate : 492.5 FPS

i3 6300 + 16 GB DDR4 + GeForce 1050 Ti (a little bit overclocked) B)
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