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FRANKEN 806 2 years 3 weeks ago #1


Got my hardware together.
Reshade + VR + Franken 806 + Aces High 3 is next hurdle.

I need help, anyone generous enough to birddog a path for moi?
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FRANKEN 806 2 years 3 weeks ago #2

Crosire and Blue Sky,

I have reshade installed but I want to learn how to use it manually, myself. Is there a glossary of terms or an explanation tut I could read. I want to install the 3D d3pth plug in, I want to use side by side 3D conversion. I have manually input an old sweetfx profile but I need more understanding of tool.

I need a path to follow to reach my goal, a place to start so I can learn the use of reshade.
I have not a clue how to apply this work crosier, but I'm to old to try an begin from beginning. Is there a simple path to follow, since I will be just cut and pastein.........
Any help appreciated
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FRANKEN 806 2 years 3 weeks ago #3

So I started reading the 3D super depth thread, in more depth. Tough read for novice but I see where its already tweaked my thought process from previous reads. I have been lurking the subject awhile and have read a lot of stuff, altho its more generalized stuff because 1 guy cannot learn every discipline specifically, fast. Working with tools, my hands and common sense have been my stock in trade.

Since my displays are recognized as displays, I can clone them. I can even make 1 the primary display, its just tuff to view under lens without headtracking. So soon I will have a trackimu module and maybe I can use my hmd as a primary display device. I have had a hard time making my pc play with my normal monitor so I just turn it off. Just need to setup 1st......
BTW, the 806 displays are quite stunning under lens. Yes, there is still a type of SDE, but its double digit% less. I just have not seen what conversion software under lens does, how the clarity is. Clarity for distance that is. Clarity for distance is the prerequsiet for flight/car cockpit sims.
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FRANKEN 806 2 years 3 weeks ago #4

HNY to all.

Questions and more.........
Info overload, but I walked thru reshade again with aces high. Just playing with the games load page graphics and reshade gui. Dam does just the defaults add some zing.
Anyways. Super Depth3D, Display Depth.fx. Are these the same things? If not I have the 1.95 plugin, just need guidence how to install it to reshade 3.1xxx.

The gui only allows to enable/disable display depth, there is no listing in the 2nd view window for specifics?? Either way to enable blanks image.
Now I remember Sky telling me that Ace High did not work with SuperDepth but I am stepping thru now with working hardware...
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FRANKEN 806 2 years 2 weeks ago #5

Amazing how posing your own questions helps to focus yourself occassionally.
Got SuperDepth 3D plugged in. How ez was it, pfft.

Now yet questions. BlueSky had said that he had trouble with AcesHigh and super depth. Now I enabled it, defaults, and it put the game in side by side, just how I need. I sat the cockpit breifly and welll. its just my hdtv. headtracking comes and then I will set up the franken for flight tests.Problem is I do not really understand the settings for it.
I know I need to play to get what I perceive I want, but how to start with a purpose?

How do you post pics, then I can show a screen shot. And post a pic of my cockpit dream display.
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