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TOPIC: OGL PCX2 support (depth information)

OGL PCX2 support (depth information) 1 week 3 days ago #1

Hello Reshade team!
First off thank you for this wonderful program, although i am just recently getting into shaders, these things are insanely powerful and i'm excited to dig deeper!

with that said on top the reason i am here;
I am working on creating shader settings; a generic "remaster" shader for PCSX2; likely i will end up having to do per game configs, as every engine is different.
I've run into the issue of PCSX2 not passing depth information along to the shader; however it works in the program 3Dmigoto flawlessly..

I was hoping two things could happen..
1.) the easiest for PCSX2 hardest for you.. Set Reshade up in such a way it works with PCSX2! this if course is the least likely to happen.. :p
2.) Explain how Reshade gets it's depth information so i can explain it to the PCSX2 dev team and hopefully begin using your wonderful shader to it's full potential :)

If you're interested you can find my github post on the subject here: github.com/PCSX2/pcsx2/issues/2311 and iron out the middle man replying (me)

Any and all troubleshooting i am happy to do; the PS2 was my favorite console by far, owning close to 100 games on the console; and i'd love to be able to give them a little tough of love.

P.S: sorry if this is the wrong forum.. :)
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