Any good places to learn how to tweak ReShade?

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5 years 1 month ago - 5 years 1 month ago #1 by WinglessCut Any good places to learn how to tweak ReShade? was created by WinglessCut
I've been using ReShade for several months now and still consider myself an amateur. I literally just fiddle around with contrasts and depth of field and a couple of settings here and there.

My dream is to learn how to get effects shown here: flikr , but my images tend to come out with too much white bleeding in or too dark or too high contrast. Still have no idea how to get a soft look like those pics, but I guess i'll keep working at it.

So my question: How did you folks all learn to use ReShade? There's very little online to work from. The tutorials on youtube all seem to be very basic information like how to get it set up and what a couple of basic parameters do (e.g sharpening, mostly self explanatory stuff). Yet I see people on here, flikr and deadendthrills create some crazy imaginative screenshots.

To give a comparison: When I began using photoshop and started off with some pretty basic techniques. I was barely an amateur user, but after following various tutorials over time I now know how to do all manner of photo editing, add effects like tilt shift. One of the first things I learned to do on photoshop was how to create double exposure images. Once I looked at a tutorial, it became one of my favourite effects that I use today which I combine with other methods and tricks I've learnt.

My learning process with ReShade on the otherhand has been a tough journey with significantly fewer sources to learn from. Are there any places where you'll find how to do certain effects? So far I've only found this tutorial on how to mess around with different DOF's and this is after maybe 6 months of using ReShade on and off. Wish there was more stuff like this :(
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