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TOPIC: ReshaDe ban? :D

ReshaDe ban? :D 1 year 6 months ago #1

Hello everyone,
I am dealing with bunch of admins from AntiCheatInc about their decision to ban my account in a game AAPG. Reason? d3d9 file created by ReShade. One of the admins stated that it is possible to make a wallhack with that tool wich is obviously not true. As a proof he showed me a screenshot of standard in game spectator view - http://imageshack.com/i/popBTtqXj :D:D
Ofc i did explain that ReShade is more like a instagram filter than content/engine hack.
I need some confirmation that it is impossible to create wallhacks basing on nonexistent/non rendered data from behind the wall.
Any ReShade admins/devs here to confirm my words?
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ReshaDe ban? :D 1 year 6 months ago #2

ReShade is whitelisted by most major anti-cheating software. Although this is true only for specific ReShade releases, so that the latest version may not always be recognized. There are exceptions of course and some games decided to disable ReShade. They won't ban you for its usage though, they simply won't start with it installed.
It is impossible to make something visible that didn't exist in the original image via post-processing. ReShade does only post-processing. It is possible to enhance the image by changing contrast values or sharpen it so that it is easier to distinguish details, which may give an advantage over other players. But most of this can be done with pure monitor or driver settings too.
In single player games ReShade does give access to the scene depth buffer, which contains depth information about the geometry from the current view. This means it is possible to draw edges around all geometry and "see them through" effects which do not generate any geometry in the depth buffer, like smoke particles. Obviously not walls, because that's geometry as well. So even there it is impossible to make a wall hack with ReShade. But as a precaution ReShade disables access to the depth buffer in multiplayer games anyway, so this becomes a non-issue.
All of this only applies to the official release of ReShade (can be easily checked by comparing the file hashes). What people do with the open ReShade source code I cannot control.
Cheers, crosire =)
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ReshaDe ban? :D 1 year 6 months ago #3

The administrator has disabled public write access.