Any way to use Reshade shaders on Windows desktop?

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1 year 7 months ago #1 by Duamutef_MC
Hi there! First of all my sincere compliments to Crosire for his wonderful work... I can enjoy HDR quality on a 8bpc screen now! ^_^

Sadly, as I have a TN screen I'm prone to color banding and visible compression artifacts when surfing the net, consuming media online or simply using any desktop application.

Is there a way to inject the Deband shader into Windows' desktop or - to have more control - inside the single browsers and relevant software (Office, Photoshop, etc.)

I use a GTX1080 for everything, as my integrated graphics card is dormant (not connected via hardware)

Kindly let me know soon - thanks in advance for your kind help.

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1 year 6 months ago #2 by Duamutef_MC
I had a look at the post history but couldn't find anything useful...

Has anything changed since they last asked for this function?

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1 year 6 months ago #3 by crosire
ReShade only works with DX/OpenGL. Now technically DWM (Windows' desktop window manager) uses DX, but it does viewport specific updates only, so even if you'd inject ReShade into it, it wouldn't work properly. So no, this is not possible with ReShade.

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1 year 6 months ago #4 by Aelius Maximus
The only way to do this, would be to capture the desktop using OBS or something similar on a second display, and then apply reshade to OBS.

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1 year 4 months ago #5 by miwalker
I manged to (sort-of) accomplish by injecting the latest reshade into the latest version of obs studio. Reshade came up, and shaders appeared to be working fine. I then used a program called WindowsTop to make the capture window stay on top and enable click through input. The only issue is, when attempting to create a fullscreen capture with resahde, I get extreme visual glitches using Reshade making it nearly impossible to actually use. So it works, but not that well. Maybe someone else can use this information to figure something else out.

EDIT: Actually, I figured out why there were so many visual glitches when attempting to use resahde on a window that was being captured onto that same window, it's simply because reshade is reshading itself infinitely. This works just like the "inception" effect of obs or any screen recording, when the display is displaying itself displaying itself...and so on. So it's sorta like stacking a million shaders over themselves, it looks like a garbled, distorted, ultra sharpened mess. Cool for random visuals though haha.

So there are two options.

1:Get a second monitor and create a display capture, fullscreen it, drag it over to your main monitor, use WindowTop to make it on top and click-through, then drag your mouse to your other monitor to use your cursor properly. It actually works. Too bad my other monitor is 1080p and my main is 1440p, so the image quality is garbage.
2: Simply use OBS's window capture function, and do the same steps as number 1. Although in this case, there appears to be quite apparent visual compression of the capture, so even though this will technically let you use reshade on a capture that is on the same screen it is capturing, it doesn't look that great tbh. Also, another drawback is that you are limited to only that window having reshade applied to it, not the whole actual desktop unlike the first option.

So in conclusion, it's not that great, but it's definitely the closest of gotten to be able to sue reshade over my desktop or non game/video applications (Firefox looked dope with some FilmicPass haha).

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