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TOPIC: reshade redownload every time

reshade redownload every time 9 months 2 days ago #1

its simple. i want to to install reshade into a game, i click install and it says it has to redownload stuff. this is crazy annoying. wtf is wrong with the developers? why isn't everything inside the install package? how do i fix this? sure it only takes 30sec sometimes, but other times its 30mins, or it just errors out.
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reshade redownload every time 8 months 3 weeks ago #2

What you are downloading are the shaders from a github repo. Since it updates quite often, older versions of reshade packaged with the shaders would be outdated later on.

I do agree, though, there should be a better way. Shaders should be stored somewhere like in AppData where it would ask if you would like to update the shaders from the Github branch later. So when you install ReShade to other games, it would just copy the shaders you have already downloaded from AppData, and apply them to a folder in the game.
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