ReShade is a prohibited mod for World of Warships?

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5 years 2 months ago #1 by dave2575 ReShade is a prohibited mod for World of Warships? was created by dave2575
I was chatting with a player in World of WarShips who said that ReShade and SweetFX are both prohibited for WoWS. So I went to the WoWS forum and asked there support staff if ReShade is prohibited and got this "very short and topic locked" reply: [link below]

They wouldn't even let me ask why.. I don't understand why ReShade is considered a prohibited game mod.

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3 years 4 months ago - 3 years 4 months ago #2 by ChemputerScience Replied by ChemputerScience on topic ReShade is a prohibited mod for World of Warships?
I understand this is almost two years old, and I apologize if I'm committing a faux pas by bumping an old thread.

I'm not sure if you still want to know, or if you are even active on here, but here's the "logic" of why it's banned.

From what I understand, ReShade works at the driver level, essentially pretending to be those drivers, altering some functions, and then directing it to the proper drivers. Sadly, the way many actual cheat mods work is somewhat similar. Essentially, messing with the core of the game and how it functions is a no-no, while purely GUI based mods (like, say, a mini-map or reticle mod) are fine.

Now, here's Wargaming's justification for it, in their own words. I can't seem to link directly to it, but thankfully someone quoted it on Aslain's forums a few years ago.

Hello, everyone!

Allow us to shed some light on the situation with temporary bans applied yesterday.

Some accounts that were using the ReShade software were subject to a ban yesterday. ReShade and the likes are mostly used to modify the visual content of the game, however, the root mechanics of such add-ons are very similar to some of the cheating mods & allow third parties to create malicious versions to inject into executable files & libraries. Unfortunately, this means, that while the intentions of most of our users are benign, the code can still be harmful. As of now all of ReShade users have been unbanned today and provided with compensation.

As we are working constantly on improving the game client's protection for the sake of fair play, such mods as Reshade (in addition to the proven cheat ones) have caused some bans, and therefore will soon be prohibited. We understand that you might like the variety they bring, but the risks of the modified source code being used to cheat or even steal your accounts, far outweigh the rewards in this case.

All of this means that we will soon issue an official statement, prohibiting its further use, as a part of our ongoing effort to protect the game client.

We are continuously investigating many 3rd party software modifications which become popular within our player base to ensure that their use will not affect our players now or in future. At the same time, we’re improving our engine to let mod-makers do their job & improve their mods using native engine methods.

As of right now, we ask that players remove ReShade and any similar mods to make sure you don’t receive any unwarranted bans or lose your account data to third parties.


The World of Warships NA Publishing Team.

Aslain's Forum Link with the Quote

It's hard, if not impossible, for them to actually differentiate between someone using reshade and a malicious hack.
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