Reshade being too invasive?

3 years 4 months ago #1 by chuatrum
Reshade being too invasive? was created by chuatrum
First, I'm not an expert on this subject so I could be wrong.

Now, I'm playing a pretty obscure game (Dragon's Dogma Online) and for the love of god, using Reshade will make the game closes itself at the start at random interval. I do know it is running because I was testing it with some obvious effects like ASCII and it does indeed, make everything ASCII'd a few seconds before it closes. Now the interval is between 5s to about a minute or so. Another point is that I can run the legacy sweetFX just fine with this game. This leads me to believe that the game does some sort of security checking in the background, and Reshade apparently was detected as invasive.

Can anyone shed some lights on this?

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