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TOPIC: which architecture runs reshade faster ?

which architecture runs reshade faster ? 4 months 3 weeks ago #1

I was browsing recently some benchmarks of new video cards and couldn't decide which way to go, almost all the games I run are running with reshade, I don't know which way to go :x the radeon vega 56/60/64 has problems with the front-end and underutilization of the shader cores but reaches up to 4096 cores and around 12 TFLOPS of FP32, unfortunately none of the games I am running are using async, but if I am running reshade on DX9/10/11: how would the hardware+driver respond to the load ? will there be a significant drop in performance ? or will the increased load be absorbed by the hardware ?, the benchmarks only show games performing in original state, and if I want reshaded gaming I need to know where to put the money :)
on the other hand I have nvidia: the 1080 Ti guarantees king of a 4K performance in stock games but unlike vega 64 (4096) features only 3500 shaders, could this limit the available shader units for use by reshade ? or will the superior card front-end will be able to schedule more efficiently the load from reshade ? compute benchmarks show a trend in favor of vega where it at least 80% of the time wins over nvidia, another aspect of importance is what kind of load does reshade put on the card ? is it INT or FP ? is it 32bit or 16bit ?
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