which architecture runs reshade faster ?

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4 years 7 months ago #1 by dod which architecture runs reshade faster ? was created by dod
I was browsing recently some benchmarks of new video cards and couldn't decide which way to go, almost all the games I run are running with reshade, I don't know which way to go :x the radeon vega 56/60/64 has problems with the front-end and underutilization of the shader cores but reaches up to 4096 cores and around 12 TFLOPS of FP32, unfortunately none of the games I am running are using async, but if I am running reshade on DX9/10/11: how would the hardware+driver respond to the load ? will there be a significant drop in performance ? or will the increased load be absorbed by the hardware ?, the benchmarks only show games performing in original state, and if I want reshaded gaming I need to know where to put the money :)
on the other hand I have nvidia: the 1080 Ti guarantees king of a 4K performance in stock games but unlike vega 64 (4096) features only 3500 shaders, could this limit the available shader units for use by reshade ? or will the superior card front-end will be able to schedule more efficiently the load from reshade ? compute benchmarks show a trend in favor of vega where it at least 80% of the time wins over nvidia, another aspect of importance is what kind of load does reshade put on the card ? is it INT or FP ? is it 32bit or 16bit ?

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4 years 2 months ago #2 by CeeJay.dk Replied by CeeJay.dk on topic which architecture runs reshade faster ?
I answered this on the discord - maybe it was you who asked - maybe someone else, but here is my reply:

As I understand the question - What should I buy to get great performance in Reshade?
Bonus questions : What type of load does Reshade shaders put on the card and is it more 32 or 16 bit?

Buy cards that run fast for games without Reshade.
Reshade shaders perform better obviously with cards that have great shader performance, but if the card performs well it will also perform well with Reshade.
The only real thing to avoid is the budget/value models.
These will often not have great shader performance.

For the bonus question - Reshade is almost entirely FP performance and it's completely 32bit since we can't currently use 16bit.

AMD or Nvidia is a pricing issue. Both have fast cards so it comes down to how much they currently want for their cards.
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