Battleye is bad.

3 years 6 months ago - 3 years 6 months ago #1 by master2g Battleye is bad. was created by master2g
I am a massive Reshade user. It is now my must have in every PC game i play. Recently I have been playing The Crew 2 with Reshade version 4.1.1 and for the first 140 plus hours I did not have a single issue. The game has launched and worked great. Now as of two days ago Battleye has decided that it no longer wants to accept Reshade and blocks the dxgi.dll file every time.. Its getting on my nerves how Reshade is starting to become a problem with major software developers. IT IS NOT A CHEAT in many games especially The Crew 2 !!. So if Battleye is this complex anti cheat as it like to think it is then there is no reason why it can t keep up to date and save Reshade in its whitelist at the same time.. If it updates then why does it have to always have to add reshade back into the white list. How does it go from working just fine with my game to suddenly blocking a file it was just fine with for over 3 weeks. Sick and tired of developers acting like Reshade is some horrible thing. Crosire has made a more stable awesome working software then many of the way bigger guys have. I wish there was a way to change paths for the dxgi.dll file so reshade would know where to go to get it and at the same time Battle eye wouldn't go to that folder and look for it. What ever I am so mad right now i wont even play The crew 2 if i cant use reshade on it. So damn stupid. :angry:
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