Getting accurate colors with DisplayCAL?

3 years 7 months ago #1 by zerowalker Getting accurate colors with DisplayCAL? was created by zerowalker

has anyone used Reshade with DisplayCAL?
I am wondering how to set things up so i don't make it wrong,
i got it working at one test case, but it just looked brighter so not sure if i did things right or not.


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3 years 6 months ago #2 by anontsuki Replied by anontsuki on topic Getting accurate colors with DisplayCAL?
This is a really old message, but if you're still looking around for help, one of the main reasons I use ReShade is because of DisplayCAL and it's 3D LUT.

If you have a colorimeter or a spectrophotometer, you can profile your display and calibrate it, after calibration you can then create a 3D LUT specifically for ReShade.

Once you have your 3D LUT image file, drop it into your ReShade textures folder. Then you'll need to get the lut.fx that I believe comes with ReShade and change it's configuration so that it points towards the 3D LUT name file

"#ifndef fLUT_TextureName
#define fLUT_TextureName "lut.png""

I renamed the 3D LUT as lut.png, just because of how I have configured ReShade on my end, but you can call it whatever, just make sure it points to the correct texture file.

#ifndef fLUT_TileSizeXY
#define fLUT_TileSizeXY 64
#ifndef fLUT_TileAmount
#define fLUT_TileAmount 64

These values have to be like this, otherwise the LUT won't function properly (I believe this is true, I did try testing it).

Once you've done that, open your game, get ReShade up and enable LUT.

Assuming your display is profiled correctly and you calibrated it and created the 3D LUT fine, your colors will be changed into what they should be per your monitors capabilities.

You also have to take into mind that if you play games that are FSE (Full Screen Exclusive), the windows ICC information won't be applied to the game window, so you'll need another 3D LUT that takes into account for the profile you did initially. In DisplayCAL, this is the setting known as "Apply Calibration (vcgt)".

If you play in windowed/borderless windowed mode, you can ignore this option since you'll probably want to have your desktop use the profiled ICC file you make initially. The profiled ICC for the desktop only adjusts the gamma and color temperature, the 3D LUT (calibration) will either further refine this and apply the color changes, or in FSE instances, adjust all the things it can, color temperature, gamma, colors and what-not.

If your monitor is 'naturally' accurate with colors, it'll probably be really hard to notice the effects of a 3D LUT. You don't need a 3D LUT if you have a good color accurate monitor from the get-go, since there is nothing to adjust.

At that point, you can change the gamma of the 3D-LUT to either raise the blacks or lower them, depending on what you want, for whatever reason.
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