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4 years 9 months ago #1 by tutu10 ReShade Custom Build (Z-Buffer Enabled) was created by tutu10
As many other people I've been using ReShade with Warframe for quite some time, but up until a few days ago I'd never bothered to enable any shaders besides sharpening. As I went on to improve my preset I discovered that ReShade does not allow access to the depth buffer when it detects network activity (for reasons briefly explained in my readme), rendering some nice looking shaders like MXAO and Reflective Bumpmapping useless, unless you're playing Warframe solo or just like to stick around your Orbiter a lot.

Since ReShade is an open source software I downloaded the source, identified the code that was responsible for network activity checking and made minimal alterations to it, so that I could enjoy the beauty of those shaders while playing the game with other people.

Below is the link to the modified library compiled for x86-64 with max performance optimizations (to the best of my knowledge). Includes a quick readme.

This is mostly intended for people that are familiar with what ReShade is and how it works, but cannot do the necessary modifications to the code and compile it themselves. This is why I'm not providing any detailed guides on how to install the original and how the whole thing operates.

Based on Reshade I've kept the build version exactly the same, so that you would still know when an update of the official version is available.

As far as I'm aware, DE officially said that they accept the use of ReShade. Since I don't see how access to depth buffer could be abused in Warframe I also don't see how DE could have a different view on this modified version of it.

I don't really expect any feedback, except that if for some reason it doesn't work for you, let me know, because I've only tested it on my own machine.

Why I decided to publish it here? Simply because it's something that I wanted badly for myself, it's not something everyone can do, so I hope to inspire joy-joy feelings in other people.

And here is my current preset for Warframe, if you're interested:

All the shaders used have toggle keys assigned to them: Ctrl-F1 through F5 and F7 (F6 is reserved by the game for screenshots). Ctrl-F2 and F3 (FilmicPass and Tint) modify the colours quite a bit, so you might want to turn those off, unless you happen to like to them as well.

F1 is sharpening, F4 adjusts the black level a bit, F5 is MXAO, F7 is Reflective Bumpmapping. Save for the colours, it's a very gentle preset.

Also, if you're aware of an existing fork of ReShade that already solves this issue and is updated regularly as new versions of the original come out, please, let us all know here.
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4 years 9 months ago #2 by Martigen Replied by Martigen on topic ReShade Custom Build (Z-Buffer Enabled)
The reason the depth buffer is disabled in online games is because it _can_ be abused and used to cheat, and you don't need a lot of imagination to understand how.

And the reason this is a bad thing is that if people use Reshade to cheat, it will be outright banned by online games both now and in the future. A very tiny minority of talentless cheaters will ruin it for everybody else.

You really _don't_ want to compile and distribute these, otherwise DE _will_ ban Reshade and then you won't be able to use sharpening, LUTs, anti-aliasing or any other Reshade feature at all. You'll be forced to play the game without Reshade and all that it offers -- and not just you, all the thousands of others using Reshade to improve the look of their game.

So please don't do it.

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2 years 9 months ago - 2 years 9 months ago #3 by avril Replied by avril on topic ReShade Custom Build (Z-Buffer Enabled)
they ban reshade... or they just hide the depth buffer :D (mutch simpler)
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