Unity Vs Unreal Programming

2 years 11 months ago #1 by vijaydeveloper
Unity Vs Unreal Programming was created by vijaydeveloper
UnityUnreal Engine
Supports 21+ Platforms Including mobile, web, PC and ConsoleSupport Mainly PC and Console Games
Built in C#, UnityScript, BooC++
It is great to use Unity for making 2D or 3D games.Better powered for 3 D games
No profiler for free verionProfiler
It hasimited graphicsnext generated graphics.
$1500 Pro Version or $75/monthFree with 5% revenue Share
Better option for novoicesonly for Pro's
programmer and Designer FriendlyDesginer Friendly
Detailed DocumentationLacklustre Documentation
multitude of community & official tutorials for developer supporttutorials largely catering to desingers rather than programmers
Free after a revenue of more than $100KFree after a revenue of more than $50K
It is perfect tool for building of sort of gameFPS Built

For more information and learning journey just follow these tutorials which are recommended by the community:
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