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:( :( :unsure: :oops: :blush: :S :side: :pinch: :whistle: :( hello in official page reshade is compatible ith epsxe plugin opengl1.77, is rare, i use this plugin and not working! i put opengl32 by reshade and is inbisible not load! :( what? is the problem? i use pcsxr pgxp epSxe! mame with epsxe plugins! petesopengl1.77 not call reshade! :( oficial page is recomended and in my pc not working! i use one experiment! gldirect opngl32.dll call to d3d9.ll by reshade! this method is working! perfect , the games gre3at! , the problem is .... by ESC crash! i put ESC for menu changes in epsxe or load states! i put! esc and the emulator is crash! in mame is goood not problemS the experiment gldirect to reshade! in need resade to epsxe openg32 the gldirect is crash:(
Gldirect is a wrapper to d3d9.dll put opengl32.dll by gldirect ! and put d3d9.dll by reshade! and ! rershade! menus is loaded in opengl games !...,
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