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TOPIC: Lumasharpening settings

Lumasharpening settings 4 weeks 2 days ago #1

Heyo, so I'm new here and hope this is the right forum for this, basically I play a lot of FPS games and currently use Lumasharpen at its standard value to eliminate the horrendous blurr effect TAA applies to the game. Now my Question is, are the standard values fine for an FPS game, or should I tweak them around a bit? I have absolutely no clue about reshade and its also the only filter I use, having bad eyes already and finding out about this just 2 days ago was a serious blessing. Or is it best to just pump the sharpening strength to max while not changing the limit and offset? I just want a sharper image, but not make it look fake or anything like that. Thanks and have a great day!
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Lumasharpening settings 4 weeks 2 days ago #2

Hi, and welcome aboard!

The way I see it, it won't exist a perfect value for any game, since each one of them behave differently: Battlefield, for example, uses a quite aggressive sharpening filter on its own, so, in this case, increasing sharpness further more via Reshade will easily lead to oversharpening (the annoying halos around objects).

Anyway, Reshade is all about your personal preferences, so feel free to experiment which settings better suits for you and remember that, if you feel uncomfortable with your changes, you can always restore the original values by right clicking on them.
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