Dirt Lens filter?

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7 months 1 week ago - 6 months 1 week ago #1 by sontung
High quality fabric curtain for hotel https://thietkerem.vn/rem-vai-khach-san/
At present, fabric blinds are not too strange for consumers, they are used to decorate restaurants, offices, hospitals, schools, families ... It is too common. Hotels are also outside the scope of use. The need to use fabric curtains to decorate the hotel is increasing, because the fabric curtains are designed with many designs, colors and fabrics. https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1000747301582524416

1. Why use fabric curtains for hotel rooms?
You can see, now all hotels, resorts, motels ... From the highest class to the affordable. The rooms are designed in a modern style, the rooms are equipped with glass for all doors from glass doors to windows, to create a spacious, airy, open space.
Some hotels near the sea, or hotels high above, also designed large glass doors instead of walls to the outside, to create a wide view. Feeling poetic and lyrical.
However, the glass panes will only work in the early morning, afternoon, or when it is shady. But when it is sunny, dazzling, cold days, the glass door cannot prevent large amounts of light, nor is the temperature too high or too cold from the outside environment. https://refind.com/link/39635388
=> At this time to overcome the limitations of the glass curtains people use cloth. Not only has the effect of preventing heat from blocking light, the fabric curtains also have an aesthetic effect. Makes the space more soft, elegant and warm.

2. The fabric of the curtain is often used for hotels
Curtain fabric is a common term for curtains that are sewn or processed with materials such as raw fabric, burlap, brocade, glossy fabric, silk fabric, velvet fabric ... Under the talent and creativity of the designer. In accordance with the machinist, the ordinary fabrics become a splendid beauty immersed in the interior space that beautifies human life.
Fabric curtains are most commonly used by the variety of materials, colors, patterns, designs as well as other factors such as feng shui, sun blocking, light insulation ... With a few thousand fabric samples. Are present in the market from countries such as Japanese fabrics, Korean fabrics, Italian fabrics, Belgian fabrics, Taiwanese fabrics, etc.
These are also the current trends in fabric that you can choose for your hotel this year and the coming

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7 months 1 week ago #2 by Duran.te
Hi. Almost any bloom shader have the option to toggle dirt lens on, like: Ambient light, Bloom, Magic Bloom, PPFX_Bloom, and Arcane Bloom (this last one is on Luluco250's repository ).

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